Aurora Vidal Martínez

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 28th August 1910 (†10th August 2005)
Birth Place: Pontevedra

She studied Teaching in 1931 and worked as a teacher at several schools in Galicia, Castellón and the Canary Islands.
She began to write very early, collaborating in all the literary magazines of that time such as ‘Vida Gallega’ and ‘Sonata Gallega’. She participated in the cultural life of the Lérez capital, mainly regarding lyric and theatre. Together with her teaching activity, she also elaborated a great work both in Galician and Spanish.
Leandro Carré Alvarellos, Antonio Couceiro Freijomil and Francisco Vales Villamarín proposed her to be nominated as a member of the Galician Academy (1952).
She took an active part in the cultural life of Pontevedra. She was a writer and poetess as well as playwright and a good scenographer. From 1949 to 1995, many performances of her work (prose and verse) were carried out. In 1949, she promoted ‘Teatro Experimental del Arte’, a group that she also directed.

 Work & Activities

These are some of her most important works: ‘Camino de Belén’ (1946), ‘Poemas de Nenos e paxariños’ (1958) and ‘Os contos do avó’ (1993).