Manuel Regal Ledo

Birth Date: In 1947
Birth Place: Chantada (Lugo)

He was a monk in the Monastery of Samos (Lugo), where he lived and studied what he could about God, life and people. He studied Biblical Theology at the University of Deusto and then he practised as a priest in Abadín (Lugo) for twelve years. Since 1993 he has been working as an educator and therapist at Proxecto Home Drug Rehab Centre; today he coordinates Proxecto Home Centre in Lugo.

 Work & Activities

He wrote ‘A partir de hoxe’ (novel), Un caxato para o camiño’ and ‘Chorimas’ (poetry) and Co Evanxeo pola man’, ‘Benqueridos amigos’, ‘Convocados para a irmandade’, ‘No nome do Pai’ and ‘Xuntos facemos pobo’ (didactic books).

He usually collaborates in ‘Irimia’ and ‘Encrucillada’ and participated in the translation of the Bible into Galician. All his works, full of Christian humanism, show his eagerness to share the search of God in the heart of life. He was a foundation member of the ‘Movimiento Rural Cristiano de Galicia’.


 Other Interesting Aspects

Together with a group of people from Abadín, he searches for the historical, artistic, cultural and human past of all the parishes of the municipality of Abadín. This work is collected in ‘Cadernos parroquiais’.