Mª Teresa Pérez González

Category: Doctor
Birth Place: Salamanca

She took a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Salamanca University and graduated in Public Health at the National Health School in 1970. Then, she worked as a temporary doctor at the Provincial Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine (Salamanca University) from February 1970 to October 1971 and as an assistant doctor at the same hospital from October 1971 to October 1975. In June 1972, she graduated as specialist anaesthetist. She also worked as an internship assistant Professor in the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department of the Faculty of Medicine at Salamanca University (October 1972 – October 1975), assistant doctor at the University Hospital of Salamanca (November 1975 – December 1976), internship assistant Professor (November 1975 – October 1976), assistant doctor at the old ‘H.H. Hermanos Pedrosa Posada’ Hospital in Lugo (January 1977- December 1977) and head in the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Service of the same hospital. In 1978, she took her doctor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine (Salamanca University) with her thesis ‘Interés del Ro 5-4.200 en Anestesiología’. She was elected head of service in September 2004 and collaborated as a Professor in the course ‘Especialidades Médicas’ of the doctorate programme (‘Medicina Clínica’) during the two-year periods 1999-2001 and 2000-2002. She is the vicepresident of the Anaesthesia, Resuscitation and Pain Therapeutics Galician Society (AGARYD).

 Work & Activities

She wrote the following books: ‘Posibilidades de una nueva técnica anestésica. La asociación clorhidrato ketamina-bromuro de pancuronium’, ‘Actas del V Congreso Hispano-Luso de Anestesiología y Reanimación’ and ‘Posibilidades e Interés del Ro 5-4.200 en la Anestesiología’ (1978).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She participated in many courses, meetings, conferences and symposia and attended the following doctorate courses: ‘Historia de la Medicina Española’ (June 1971), ‘El Cáncer en Otorrinolaringología’ (June 1971), ‘Cirugía Cardiaca’ (June 1971), ‘Patología Farmacológica’ (September 1971) and ‘Anestesiología y Reanimación’ (June 1972).
She has been a member of the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Spanish Society since 1972, the ‘Association Internationale des Anesthesistesreanimateurs dexpression francaise’ since 1977, the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Galician Society since 1977 and the Medical and Surgical Academy of Lugo.