Mª Margarita Rodríguez Otero

Category: Labour and financial adviser
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)


She graduated in industrial relations at Complutense University and she has been working as a labour and financial adviser in Monforte. She was the vice-president of the Association of Businesswomen of Lugo (1975) and was on the first governing body of the Association of Businessmen of Lugo (1976). In 1979, she was on the municipal rolls of the political party PSOE in Monforte. From 1983 to 1987, she was a councillor and deputy in Lugo, responsible for Culture and Sports in the City Council of Monforte (1987) and member of the Galician Parliament during the third session (1989).
In December 2006, she was nominated as the official chronicler of Monforte de Lemos.

 Work & Activities

In the last years, she has devoted herself to historical investigation, especially themes related to Monforte and Galicia. She often collaborates in several newspapers writing historical articles. Her articles can be found in the newspaper La Voz de Galicia (Lemos section) and nowadays in El Progreso. She also collaborates in the magazine 'Anduriña' as spokeswoman of 'Lar Galego' in Seville, which is sent to all the Galician Centres in the world so that they can know our history and culture. She has published a poetry book. Her poems are included in the magazine 'Xistral', which is published by the City Council of Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She married Enrique López Salgueiro in 1959 and has two daughters, Margarita and Sol María. She is a widow since 1975.