Arsenio Fernández de Mesa y Díaz del Río

Category: Politician and civil servant
Birth Date: 20th July 1955
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)


He got a diploma in Military Studies at 'CESEDEN' (Madrid), in Corrosion and Supervision at the University College of naval technical architects (Ferrol) and Protection and Steel Coverings at 'ICM Ltd'. He is a civil servant and inspector of the 'International Marine Coatings' on leave of absence. He was a town councillor in Ferrol (1983-1991), deputy mayor in Ferrol (1987-89), deputy of the political party 'Partido Popular' in A Coruña during the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sessions and national coordinator of 'Partido Popular' (1991-2000). During the period 2000-2003 he was the representative member of the spanish government in Galicia. During his activity as a deputy, he filled the following offices: vice-president of the Defence Commission (fourth session), spokesman of the Fishing Commission (fifth session), spokesman of Naval Construction (fourth, fifth and sixth sessions), spokesman of Merchant Navy (fourth, fifth and sixth sessions), spokesman of Defence of 'Partido Popular' (sixth session), president of the National Commission of Denfence of 'Partido Popular' (fourth session) and representative of the Spanish Parliament (sixth session).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He holds the Cross of the Naval Merit.