Xosé Luis López Cid

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1916 (†In August 1992)
Birth Place: Ourense

He took a degree in Philosophy and Arts in Santiago and taught Spanish Language and Literature at 'Lagoas' Secondary School (Ourense) for many years. He was a good friend of Vicente Risco. He was linked to the Athenaeum, 'Alianza Francesa' (he was the president of this society in 1977) and the magazine 'Trevo' of 'Lagoas' Secondary School, which he founded and edited since 1982. He was mainly a playwright, narrator and literary critic.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following works in Galician: the drama Eilbrief that was awarded a prize at the first edition of 'Abrente' Theatre Contest, the play Os cazadores de dotes (Posío, 1954) and short stories such as O cazador de paxaros (Vieiros, 1965). His theatre plays were collected in 1992 in Edipo abandonado y otras farsas (County Council of Ourense), three brief plays, three brief dramas, two tragedies and a Marian mystery. Four years later, El descielo y otras historias appeared, picking up four novels written in Spanish: Historias de Finisterre (1947), Los años del potro (1949), Crisópolis (1956) and El descielo (1957).