Arcadio López - Casanova

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 5th march​ 1942 († 11st april 2022)
Birth Place: Lugo

In 1942, he took a degree in Philosophy and Arts. He took a doctor's degree in Philology and worked as Professor of Spanish Philology at Valencia University. He was invited to Rome, Bologna and Milan Universities.

 Work & Activities

He directed several courses and gave lectures at different Universities and cultural centres in Spain and many European and American countries. His work, which was collected in many anthologies and literary stories, was translated into several languages. POETRY: Palabra de Honor (1967); Mesteres (1976/1999); La oscura potesta (1978); Liturxia do corpo (1982); Razón de iniquidad (1991); Noite do degaro (1994) and Asedio de sombra (1997). LITERARY STUDIES: El análisis estilístico (1975); Poesía y Novela (1982); Luis Pimentel and Sombra do aire na herba (1990); Lenguaje de la poesía y figuras gramaticales (1991); La poesía romántica (1991); Miguel Hernández, pasión y elegía (1994); El texto poético (1994); Antología poética de Rosalía de Castro (1995) and Diccionario metodolóxico da análise literaria I. A poesía (2000). He also published the theatre play Orestes (1963) and the stories for children Bosque de Ouriol (1943) and As Roitas da Gamela (1976).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: 'Noriega Varela' (1967); 'Fiestas Minervales' (1962 , 1963 and 1964); 'Adonais' (1978); 'Ciudad de Melilla' (1990); 'Galician criticism to literary creation' (1982); 'Tiflor' (1996) and 'Menéndez Pidal' Research Prize, awarded by the Galician Academy.