Antonio Rivas Pol

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In May 1948
Birth Place: Xudán - A Pontenova (Lugo).


He studied Teaching in Lugo and worked as a teacher in Chantada (Lugo), Caborana (Asturias) and Ferrol, where he is living at the moment.

 Work & Activities

He always felt like expressing himself by drawing and painting. He attended several courses and took into account the opinion of experts in those matters he considered important. He met Sellaño, a watercolour painter, who he invited to his art lessons so that pupils could improve this technique.

Since he met Sellaño, Antonio Rivas began to paint watercolour exclusively. He is an autodidact and believes in the personal way of every artist as a training method, finding in landscapes a never ending world of learning and inspiration.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He carried out the following individual exhibitions: Caixa de Aforros de Galicia (Ferrol, 1991), Banco Galego (Lugo, 1991), Casino (Ferrol, 1993), Banco Galego (Lugo, 1994), Casino (Ferrol, 1996), Pontedeume City Council (Pontedeume, A Coruña, 1997), Ateneo (Ferrol, 1999), Ares Casino (A Coruña, 2002), ‘Toxos e Flores’ Choir (Ferrol, 2003), Casino (Ares - A Coruña, 2003), ‘Toxos e Flores’ Choir (Ferrol, 2006) and Casino (Ares - A Coruña, 2010).
He carried out the following collective exhibitions: Feitura 91 (Athenaeum, Ferrol, 1991), Feitura 92 (Athenaeum, Ferrol, 1992), Feitura 93 (Athenaeum, Ferrol, 1993), ‘Arte para unha Navidade 93’ (Arte Galicia Gallery, Ferrol, 1993), ‘Ares 94’, Casino (Ares - A Coruña, 1994), ‘Acuarela 2000’, Casino (Ferrol, 1999), ‘Premio Almirante 1999’ Painting Contest, ‘7 artistas Ferrolanos’, Áncora Gallery (Cedeira - A Coruña, 2005), ‘Artistas de Ferrol’, painting and sculpture exhibition at the Mariña Occidental Regional Centre (Viveiro - Lugo, 2006) and ‘II Exposición Pequeño Formato’, Athenaeum (Ferrol, 2006).