Ramón de Valenzuela Otero

Category: Writer and teacher
Birth Date: 3rd October 1914 (†27th October 1980)
Birth Place: Bandeira - Silleda (Pontevedra)

He studied Philosophy and Arts at Santiago University. Under the pseudonym 'Pepe dos Cestos', he narrated popular stories in the radio station 'Radio Pontevedra' for some time. In 1936, as he was a member of the Galician Party and collaborated in the Seminary of Galician Studies, he was mobilized by Franco's army but he managed to pass to the republican front and join the Galician membership. In 1939, he moved to France but the German police sent him back to Franco's troops. He was sentenced to death and sent to prison in Ávila. His sentence was commuted and emigrated to Argentina, where he worked in the magazines 'La Gaceta de Tucumán' and 'Galicia emigrante'. He took an active part in the cultural life of the Galician community.

 Work & Activities

He translated the plays La camisa by Lauro Olmo and O casamento do latoeiro by Synge for theatre. He also published Non agardei por ninguén (1957), Era tempo de apandar (1980) and As bágoas do demo (1964). In Argentina, he taught Galician orthography and was on the cultural sections of the Galician Centre in Buenos Aires, 'Irmandades da Fala' and Federation of Galician Societies in Buenos Aires. He returned to Spain in 1966 and worked as a teacher in Vallecas (Madrid) and the Circle of Galician Studies. He gave many lectures on Galician matters.