Remigio González González

Pseudonym: Remigio
Category: Doctor
Birth Place: Portela de Millerada- Forcarei (Pontevedra)
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When he was ten, he left Spain with his grandfather, mother, sister and brother to meet his father in Panama. His father had left Spain before because of the Spanish Civil War. His parents, who were aware of the importance of English Language, registered him in an American School. When he took his degree, he got a scholarship to study at University in the USA. He started Medicine and was accepted in the Medicine College at Tulane University for adults, teenagers and children. Then he started and finished psychoanalytic training for adults, teenagers and children in the Psychoanalytic Institute in New Orleans. He filled several offices throughout the years. Nowadays, he is a Psychiatry Professor at the Medicine College of Tulane and Louisiana State University in New Orleans, as well as training and supervising analyst in the Psychoanalytic Institute of New Orleans, where he is also the president. He was the president of the Medical Corps in some hospitals and president of several professional associations such as the Psychiatric Association of Children of Louisiana, The Association of Louisiana, the Psychoanalytic Association of New Orleans, etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was also the president of the Spanish Society of New Orleans. He was also elected by his friends to be within the Best Doctors in the United States.