Antonio Murado

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1964
Birth Place: Lugo

Antonio Murado is a painter from Lugo with a great international influence. In 1996, he decided to move to New York. He works every day in his studio in Manhattan, keeping an experimental focus in his painting that is based on obsessive series of surfaces and vegetables. His delicate painting is successfully commercialised through several art galleries in Madrid, Canada, Germany and New York. When he was still very young, he left Galicia to live in Madrid for six years. In spite of his youth, his pictures can already be found in several private collections as well as in famous museums. His pictures reach a high price. He says 'it has to do with demand and commercial success, even though the prize is established by the art galleries taking into account your curriculum, production and number of exhibitions'. As he said in a recent interview to Manuel Darriba, Murado thinks that 'the function of art and the artist is not based on satisfying the purchaser's taste but trying to push him and learn to enjoy other things as well as open the doors to the aesthetic feelings. It sometimes requires a little time but that is the function and not to please like a clown'.