Antón Villar Ponte

Category: Writer, political activist
Birth Date: 2nd October 1881 († 4th March 1936)
Birth Place: Viveiro (Lugo)

He studied Secondary Education in Lugo and got a degree in Pharmacy in Santiago in 1901. In 1899, he started his activity as political journalist defending the Republic and the rights of the workers. About the year 1904 he published articles in different liberal and republican newspapers. He also collaborated in El País and Tierra Gallega. In 1908, he travelled to La Havana where he could work as a journalist. He edited the newspaper Diario Español and some magazines such as Follas Novas and Alma Gallega. In 1910, he came back to Galicia as a correspondent of the Cuban newspaper Diario de la Marina. He established himself in A Coruña and became a writer in La Voz de Galicia. In 1916, he was nominated president of the first ?Irmandade dos Amigos da Fala?. In 1934, he became a member of the Galician Academy making a speech titled O sentimento liberal na Galiza.

 Work & Activities

Apart form his collaborations and publications in different newspapers, he published the drama Entre dous abismos and the novel Almas mortas in 1922. In 1926, he wrote O mariscal together with Ramón Cabanillas. In this period he also published many articles in Galicia and El Pueblo Gallego. In 1935, he published Os evanxeos da risa absoluta and Noiturno de medo e morte.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician Academy dedicated him ?O Día das Letras Galegas? (The Day of the Galcian Letters) in 1977.