Antón Moreda Rodríguez

Birth Date: 26th June 1934 (†4th february 2010)
Birth Place: San Miguel de Reinante, Barreiros (Lugo)

He left with his mother to Cuba, where his father was already living. One year later, her mother brought him back to Galicia owing to his problemas with the weather in the isle. His mother returned to Cuba and did not came back to Galicia until the end of the Second World War. Once the war was over, his father returned to Galicia and after his death two months later because of tuberculosis, Antón travelled to Buenos Aires, where he started his political activity. In 1953, he founded the ‘Mocedades Galeguistas’ together with Vidal Pérez Graña, Neira Vilas, Carlos and Tito Abraira, Pilara Jeremias, the daughters to the librarian of the Galician Centre, Clotilde Iglesias (Tacholas’s daughter) and many others considered as heirs of the Federation of the ‘Mocedades Galeguistas’ the Civil War had cut short. He held several positions of responsibility until he became secretary general. He got in touch with the old ‘Partido Galeguista’ as well as with the young people of his generation, who elected him as general secretary of what would be later called ‘Consello da Mocedade’ in 1962. He was paid several homages both in Castro and Santiago and is still the president of ‘Gaiola’ Association and editor of ‘Gaiola Aberta’. He asked for the membership of the ‘Partido Galeguista’ and was awarded the gold badge of the party.

 Other Interesting Aspects

'Ollomao' Cultural Association paid him a homage in San Miguel de Reinante in October 2007.