Antón López Galocha

Category: Journalist

He has been running ‘Diario de Pontevedra’ since 2000 and is a Professor in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is a foundation member of ‘A Nosa Terra’, ‘A Radio Galega’ and ‘Televisión de Galicia’, worked as an editor in ‘El Ideal Gallego’, ‘Radio Popular de Lugo’ and ‘La Voz de Galicia’ and was responsible for the morning news programme on ‘Radio Galega’ initially. He was also on the first editorial staff of Galician TV in 1985. He directed the midday, afternoon and night news programmes as well as other news programmes such as ‘Telexornal Comarcas’, ‘Galicia Noticias’ or ‘A revista’, all of them at the beginning of their broadcasting. He was also editor-in-chief until he joined El Pogreso Group. He was assistant editor of ‘Atlántico Diario’ for a year.

 Work & Activities

His graphic management in ‘Diario de Pontevedra’ was awarded recognition of the panel and several gold, silver and bronze medals in the five editions of ÑH Awards for the best journalistic design in Spain and Portugal. He was also awarded a prize in the last five editions of the European Newspaper Awards, which values the best design of the European press.