Manuel García Vázquez

Pseudonym: Buciños
Birth Place: Buciños, Carballedo (Lugo)

He is a famous Galician sculptor, known as "Buciños" as he was born in the village of this same name. He studied at San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts, where he took his degree in 1962. In 1960 and 1961 he had already worked with Pablo Serrano, who was a member of El Paso Group. He returned to Galicia and has been living in Ourense since 1963. His work is neoclassic and expressionist, deeply popular and connected with Galicia and its problems.

 Work & Activities

He participated in many individual and collective exhibitions and was awarded several prizes such as the Prize of Fine Art School (1958), the prize awarded by Tarragona County Council in 1961, three prizes awarded by the City Council of Santiago (1970-73-75) and bronze, silver and gold medals in the three biennial exhibitions in Pontevedra.