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-Degree in Information Sciences. Complutense University (Madrid).
-Doctorate courses on Information Sciences. Complutense University (Madrid). Director: Professor Pedro Orive.
-Degree in Law. Complutense University (Madrid).
-Doctorate courses on Law. Complutense University (Madrid). Director: Professor Pedro de Vega.
-Certificate of European Communities. Spanish Foreign Office. Director: Ambassador Alberto Ullastres.
-Certificate of Constitutional Law and Political Science. Centre for Constitutional Studies. Director: Professor Francisco Laporta.
-Certificate of High International Studies. Director: Professor Fernando de Salas.
-Expert on Telecommunication Law and the audiovisual sector. San Pablo-CEU University and Fundación Universidad Empresa. Director: Professor José Luis Piñar.

-Professor collaborator at the Department of Constitutional Law. Faculty of Law (Complutense University).
-Honorary Professor of the Society of International Studies.
-Invited Professor of the ‘Instituto Oficial de Radiotelevisión (IORTVE)’.
-Professor of Journalism at the Business School of Madrid (World University).
-Professor and lecturer in many courses, seminars and conferences at public and private universities.

 Work & Activities

-Member of the Press Association of Madrid. Registration number 1.074.
-Member of the Association of Spanish Journalists. Registration number 8.141.
-Expert on Broadcasting and Radio&TV. Registration number 9.208.
-Member of the Bar Association, Madrid. Number 59.457.
-At the moment, he directs Cervantes Institute in Brazil.

-Collaborator of musical programmes in Lugo-Cadena SER (1966-67).
-Head of programmes at Radio Popular de Lugo-Cadena COPE (1967-71).
-Head of musical programmes at Radio Popular de Madrid-COPE (1971-75).
-Collaborator of musical and news programmes at Radio Nacional de España – TVE, Madrid (1976-1981).
-Head of special news programmes at Radio Nacional de España - Madrid (1982).
-Subdirector of the news programmes at Radio Nacional de España - Madrid (1982-1983).
-Director of RNE in Galicia (1983-85).
-Culture service of the news programmes at TVE. Madrid (1985-86).
-Director of TVE in Galicia (1986-1987).
-Subdirector of “Informe Semanal” TVE - Madrid (1988).
-Director of “Parlamento” TVE - Madrid (1989-96).
-Parliamentary chronicler and commentator. He was responsible for over a hundred institutional transmissions on TVE in the last twenty years (1988-2008), such as plenary sessions of the Spanish and European Parliaments, journeys of the Pope to Spain, Latin American summit conferences, delivery of Fine Arts medals, delivery of Nobel Prizes, delivery of Prince of Asturias Prizes, wedding of Infant Elena in Seville, funerals of HRH Mr Juan de Borbón and Mrs María de las Mercedes, HRH the King’s parents, events of the Spanish National Day, etc.
-Director of TVE territorial centres (2004 up to the moment).
-Creator and director of “España es” (2005), from 11,15 to 13,00 Monday to Friday TVE-2.
-Vice-president of CIRCOM (European Association of Regional Television). This organization groups 300 European regional public televisions (2006 and 2007).

He collaborated in “El Ideal Gallego”, A Coruña (1968-71), “El Progreso”, Lugo (during the 60’s and 80’s) and “5 Días”, Madrid (1981 and 1982) and edited some magazines and newspapers such as “Foro Empresarial”, Madrid (1991), “Galicia y Madrid siglo XXI”, Madrid (1998-99) and “A Nosa Terra” (2002 and 2003).

-“Andalucía” and “Aragón” (with Miguel Ángel Sacaluga), books about pre autonomous situation in Spain at the beginning of Transition. Ed. La Gaya Ciencia. Barcelona 1977.
-“Historia e Futuro da Música e a Canción Galegas” (with Manuel Rivas, Xosé M. Pereiro, Margarita Soto and others) Ed. Ruada. A Coruña. 1980
-“Primeros encuentros de la Comunicación: La Radio”, A Coruña County Council, 1985.
-“Cunqueiro en la Radio”. He wrote the prologue for this book that compiles the scripts written by Álvaro Cunqueiro that could be recovered for his weekly collaboration on Radio Nacional de España in A Coruña from 1956 to 1981, “Pedro Barrié de la Maza” Foundation, A Coruña, 1991.
-“Historia dun Futuro”. This book revises the history of the Socialist Party in Galicia and interviews with the main leaders in the moment of its publication, Ed. Sotelo Blanco, Barcelona (1993).
-“50 Aniversario de la Declaración de los Derechos Humanos 1948-1998”. He wrote the prologue of this book that compiles the ten conference tables celebrated in the Fine Art Circle of Madrid throughout 1998. As general secretary of APDHE (Spanish Association of Human Rights), he organized and coordinated the acts of the 50th anniversary of the declaration, Ed. Fundamentos, Madrid (1999).
-“Homenaxe a Luís Tobío”. He wrote the prologue of this book homage to this republican diplomat and learned man, who left to Argentina and Uruguay into exile. He was also a pro-Galician writer and translated Rilke, Goethe and Brecht into Galician. (Viveiro- Lugo 1906- Madrid 2003). Ed. do Castro. A Coruña, 2001.
-He collaborated with scientific and research works in the magazines of the Faculty of Law (Complutense University), the Centre of Constitutional Studies, ‘Utopía y Sociedad’ (León XIII Foundation) and the old “Comunicación XXI” and “Ozono”. He wrote articles and works for collective books about different cultural and social themes.

He was producer and scriptwriter (in collaboration with J. A. Durán) of “El Arte en la mirada: Las Cruces de piedra en Galicia” and “Caras y Caretas” (both in Galician and Spanish) for “Castelao 1886- 1950”. This exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Botanical Garden, Madrid (1986).
“Galicia I y II”, for the historical series “España, La Historia Inmediata”, TVE, Madrid (1987).
“Galicia el final del Camino Europeo”, 1987 (in Galician and Spanish).

 Other Interesting Aspects

“Ondas” Radio Prize, awarded by SER.
He directed and presented “Popularísimo” (COPE), Barcelona (October 1974).
“Micrófono de Oro”, awarded by the Federation of the Associations of Radio and TV Professionals, Madrid (March 1993).
“Lucense del Año”, awarded by the Provincial Association of Radio and TV, Lugo (October 1993).
Plaque and homage of the dean and pupils of the Faculty of Law (Complutense University, Madrid) for the programme “Parlamento” on TVE for divulging legal themes and the mutual collaboration between the programme and the Faculty, Madrid (November 1995).
First prize to the best research international programme at ‘Golden Umbrella’ International Festival of TV programmes in Bulgaria for “La Última Carta”. The documentary tells a story of the Spanish Civil War (June 2006).
Finalist in the section of ‘Best Documentary of Historic and Biographic Research’ on the TV Festival of Shanghai (China) for “Jesús Bal y Gay, La Ventana Ignorada”, a documentary about this Galician musician and writer that left to Mexico into exile (May 2006).
Military Merit Medal with white badge (May 2007).