Ticiana Ghiglione Darriba

Category: Artista plástica multidisciplinar
Birth Date: 22 de abril de 1982
Birth Place: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

She has been living in Galicia since 1992.
She took a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo (Faculty of Fine Arts, Pontevedra).
She is attending a MA in Illustration in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra and gives courses on art in her studio in Pontevedra.
Her mother was an artist and her father an artisan. She was keen on art since she was a child and took part in many activities related to creation.
Her grandparents on her mother’s side were Galician and she has been living in Galicia since she was ten.

 Work & Activities

-2010: Coordination of ÁgoraLibros Project (Pontevedra).
-2009: “París-Monte Pego”, collective exhibition organised by Fivars Gallery (Alicante).
-2009: Animations and creation of characters, Provincial Museum (Lugo).
-2008: “Libro Vivo” (performance), Galician Pedagogical Museum (Santiago de Compostela).
-2008: Collective exhibition in the First Latin American Conference on People Traffic, Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-2008: She was selected for the "Balconadas" (Betanzos).
-2008: He wrote several articles for ‘Foeminas’, the virtual magazine of the Woman Centre – City Council of Lugo.
-2007: “Tras as pegadas de Delos” (exhibition), Hipercor Cultural Association (Santiago de Compostela).
-2007: Exhibition at the gallery of Araguaney Hotel (Santiago de Compostela).
-2007: Exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Coruxo (Pontevedra).
-2006: Fourth Edition of Lucus Augusti Painting Contest (second prize).
-2005: She was selected at the Poster Contest against Gender Violence, organised by Rio Monachil Association, Huétor Vega (Granada).
-2004: Consolation prize at the painting contest in the open air (Lugo).
-2003: She participated with an illustration in the book “Cento Sete Marés”, together with a hundred and seven artists from all over the world for the catastrophe of the Prestige sinking.
-2003/04: Collaboration in different projects of Esmelgar Gallery (Lugo).
-2002: “Tecedoiras de Soños” (performance) with the Sherezade Project, Provincial Museum (Lugo).
-2002: Illustration in “Insectario Iberoamericano”, Alianza Hispánica (Madrid).
-2002: Exhibition at the Science Museum (Madrid).
-2001: “Noite dos tolos” (performance), Clavicémbalo (Lugo).
-2001: Exhibition at Lugo-Stock, Pazo de Feiras e Exposicións (Lugo).
-2001: “Superarte”, Nova Rúa Gallery (Lugo).
-2000: 1st prize in the Second Contest of Nelson Zumel Prizes.
-2000: Collaboration in the organization of Cumulum Project (A Wall of Books), Lugo.
-2000: Casa da Xuventude (Santiago de Compostela).
1999: 2nd prize in the painting contest for artists under 30, organised by the Xunta de Galicia (A Coruña).
-1999: Xunta de Galicia (Lugo).
-1999: 2nd prize at the 13th Edition of the Galician Contest of Plastic Arts, organised by the Consellería de Familia e Promoción de Emprego, Muller e Xuventude - Xunta de Galicia.
-1999: “Alumnos del taller de Arte de Luz Darriba” (Lugo).
-1999: Painting exhibition organised by La Milagrosa Businesmmen Association (Lugo).
-1997: 1st honourable mention of the Concurs de Cartells Centenari 4 Gats (Barcelona).
-1997: 1st prize at the Painting Contest organised by the Provincial Museum of Lugo.
-1996: Sculpture contest (1st prize), Day of the Galician Letters (Lugo).
-1995: 1st prize at Trapero Pardo Painting and Tale Contest (Lugo).
-1995: “Día Internacional dos Museos” (3rd painting prize), Provincial Museum (Lugo).
-1992: 1st prize of the A category in the Modelling Contest, Book Fair (Lugo).
-1992: I Painting and Tale Contest (third prize), Provincial Museum (Lugo).
-1991: 1st Painting prize, Cooperativa Hogar Obrero, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1989: “Asoziazione Unnione e Benevolenza” 1st Painting Prize, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1988: 1st prize of the child art category organised by Palas Atenea Publications, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1988: ‘Concurso de Manchas’ (1st prize), Banco Credicoop, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1988: Aspirinetas Child Art Contest (1st prize of 6 and 7-year-old category), Bayer (Argentina).
-1986: Renault Child Painting Contest (4th mention of the first category), Buenos Aires (Argentina).
-1985: ‘Concurso de Manchas’ (1st prize), organised by the Ward Institute, Buenos Aires (Argentina).