Antón Cando

Birth Date: 20th january 1969
Birth Place: Candín, Baleira (Cádavo)

He was born in a humble family of farmers, steeping himself in the modus vivendi that he so good reflected in all his work.

He began to show interest for literature when he was ten and was studying Primary Education. Shortly after, he moved to Madrid, where he began to study Computer Science. Then he returned to Lugo and created IMER when he was 21. This firm is dedicated to teaching in general and specialized in computing, typewriting and computer selling. Afterwards, he started to study at the Applied Art School, combining his studies with his business activity.

In 1999 he founded and edited ‘A Muralla’ (a newspaper delivered in A Mariña – Lugo). In 2003 he founded ‘Don Anuncio’, delivered in Lugo, Santiago de Compostela, Ourense and Vigo.

 Work & Activities

‘Sombras amargas e ondas de luz e ouro’ (romantic poetry), ‘MS-DOS e Windows 95 en galego’ (computing manuals), ‘Ó son da terra’ (bucolic poetry), ‘O Riterrite’ (humorous poetry), ‘Un emigrante hecho a sí mismo’ (biographic European emigration) and ‘Nosotros vivimos con el cáncer’ (psycho-oncological narration).



‘Las Bragas de Yulí’ (novel about violence against women), ‘Receitas Labregas’ (traditional cooking and ethnographic data about the rural culinary process), ‘A guía das fontes de Cospeito’ (location, costumes, traditions and songs), ‘A vida do home dos anuncios’ (popular biography), ‘Os doentes’ (humorous theatre), ‘Manoliño Cuadrado de Camporredondo’ (children’s story), ‘O abecedario no esceario’ (children’s theatre), ‘Esqueletes mouros’ (ecological stories), ‘Mi anorexia’ (empirical treatise on anorexia), ‘Modernas adiviñas’ (new riddles) and ‘Me cago en Dios’ (a compilation of. curses and blasphemies).