José María Barreiro

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 25th October 1940
Birth Place: Forcarei (Pontevedra)
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1961: He carried out his first individual exhibition.
1963: He travelled to Europe and lived in Paris for a year, where he studied about the French school. He carried out collective exhibitions in Paris, Belgium and Germany.
1965-66: He made mural paintings for several shops in Vigo, sharing the studio with Urbano Lugrís.
1967: Velázquez Gallery (Vigo).
1968: Exhibition in the open air at ‘Plaza de la Princesa’ and in several Spanish cities (Madrid, Toisón Gallery).
1969: He travelled to Argentina to exhibit some works that he sold in the exhibition in just one day.
1970: He combines his work in decoration projects for Harrods in Buenos Aires with his activity in his studio. In summer, he created a big mural painting for Harrods. He spent Christmas in Mar de Plata and met Luis Seoane at Hermitage Hotel. During that period he happened to meet Cafrune, the famous singer who taught him some sambas, which turned him into a regular participant in some Argentinean musical groups.
1971: He travelled to Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.
1972: Exhibition at Perla Marino Gallery in Buenos Aires. On his returning to Spain, he exhibited some of the pictures he painted in America at Jofer Gallery (Pontevedra). Laxeiro presented the exhibition.
He participated in the second edition of the biennial art exhibition of Pontevedra. He also exhibited in Vigo.
1973: Lázaro Gallery (Madrid), Archaeological Museum, Cultural Centre (Murcia), Gaudí Gallery (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and José Mª Burgos Gallery (Valladolid).
1974: Tourist Information Centre (Pontevedra) and Galería 7 _ (Barcelona).
He presented prismatisms based on light colour breakdown trough a prism. The Catalan journalistic critic dedicated him an article (Third Art Biennial Exhibition, Pontevedra).
1975: Collective exhibition at Marko Gallery (Vigo).
1976: La Pinacoteca Gallery (Madrid) and ‘Homenaje a Galicia: 80 cuadros presentados por el escritor Álvaro Cunqueiro’, collective exhibition of Galician painters in Caracas (Venezuela), promoted by Souto Gallery in Ourense.
1980: Grisalla Gallery (Valladolid).
1982: Fifth International Biennial Exhibition (Pontevedra).
1983: La Pinacoteca Gallery (Madrid).
1985: Citania Gallery (Santiago de Compostela) and art gallery of the City Council of Vigo.
1986: Arracada Art Gallery (A Coruña), art gallery of the City Council of Murcia and “Homenaxe á miña terra”, retrospective exhibition of Terra de Montes, where the artist was born (Forcarei).
1987: Itinerant exhibition of 25 Galician painters, sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia.
He exhibited his last 80 works in the cloister of San Juan de Burgos Monastery, today Marcelino Santamaría’s Museum.
1988: Obelisco Gallery (A Coruña).
1989: Durán Art Gallery (Madrid). From that year, Barreiro decided to exhibit his works in this gallery every two years. He sold all his pictures the same day of the inauguration.
1990: Obelisco Gallery (A Coruña) and collective exhibition of Galician painters, Macarrón Gallery (Madrid).
1991: “Arte Chicago” (art gallery international exhibition). During this journey, he spent some days in New York and took notes about this big city. He visited the art galleries and was lucky to see an exhibition of impressionist artists at the Modern Art Museum.
He also carried out an exhibition at Durán Gallery (Madrid) and “Medio século de arte Galaico en Lisboa”, an exhibition sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia.
1992: ‘Arte en Miami’ (international exhibition). Barreiro and Durán Gallery took part in this exhibition in the USA for several years. They had the opportunity to visit Michael Karel Gallery in Miami Beach, which now represents his works in Florida.
He also exhibited at Pilar Parra Gallery, Sanxenxo (Pontevedra).
1993: Durán Gallery (Madrid), Casa de Galicia (Madrid) and ‘20 años de pintura. Arte Miami’.
1994: Casa de la Parra (Santiago de Compostela), exhibition sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia. Arte Miami.
1995: Durán Gallery (Madrid), Goya Art Gallery (Zaragoza) and Caja de Madrid (Pontevedra). Arte Miami.
1996: Itinerant exhibition around Portugal: Torres Novas Museum in the Cultural Centre of Coimbra (Portugal).
1997: Durán Gallery (Madrid) and Caja de Ahorros (Pontevedra). He also participated with Kreisler Gallery (Madrid) in the International Art Fair in Ghent (Belgium).
1998: “10 anos de pintura” at the art gallery of the City Council of Vigo.
2000: ‘Madrid 20 años de pintura’, Durán Art Exhibitions, Hostal de los Reyes Católicos (Santiago de Compostela), collective exhibition in Sintra and Montemor (Portugal) and “Cita co debuxo”, Alfama Gallery (Madrid).
2001: Casa de la Parra (Santiago de Compostela), Rafael Gallery (Valladolid) and Feria de Arte 2001, Durán Art Exhibition (Madrid).
2002: Sammer Gallery, Puerto Banús (Marbella) and Sargadelos Gallery in Vigo (Pontevedra).
2003: ‘Feria de Arte 2003’, Durán Art Exhibitions (Madrid).
2004: Chiado Museum, Coimbra (Portugal), Cultural Centre, Coimbra (Portugal) and the Republic Museum, Lisbon (Portugal).
2005: “Pontevedra, 65 pinturas, 65 debuxos”, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos (Pontevedra).