Secundino Gallego Trigo

Category: Ornithologist and writer
Birth Date: 20th June 1928
Birth Place: Otero de Rey (Lugo)

He worked as curator in the Museum of Zoology at Barcelona University since he retired.

 Work & Activities

He directed several doctoral theses and wrote a chapter about the quail for the Spanish Ornithological Atlas, SEO-Birdlife and EBCC Atlas of European Breeding: Their distribution and abundance, publicated by Hagemaijer W. J. M.; Blair, J. M.; Poyser, T. D. He also wrote Aves indígenas de España, Hispano Europea Publications (Barcelona, 1970). He is a life member of the Spanish Society of Ornithology. Since 1964, he has been an 'expert' in ringing birds' legs. He collaborated in the practical studies over forty scientific articles about birds, mainly about their behaviour and the quails' ecology. He also took part in thirty national and international congresses about themes related to birds and gave about fifty lectures about life and costumes of indigenous birds to Spain. He also collaborated with the media: TV, radio and written press.

 Other Interesting Aspects

DISTINCTIONS: - 'Alfonso X the Wise' Cross. - Gold medals of Valladolid (Trade Exhibition, 1976). - Gold decoration awarded by the Ornithological of canary keepers in Madrid. - Gold 'murachi' handed by the consul of Venezuela in Vigo. - Gold decoration awarded by the College of Public Relations in Valencia.