Alberto Vilanova Rodríguez

Category: Essayist and Professor
Birth Date: 5th July 1910 (†† 13th May 1985)
Birth Place: Ourense

He studied Secondary Education and Teaching in Ourense and Law and Philosophy and Arts in Madrid and Valladolid. When the Civil War was over, he worked as a teacher at private schools in Chantada (Lugo) and Ourense, where he also collaborated in the magazine 'Posío' and published a section of biographies titled 'Ourensanos ilustres'. In the centenary of Curros Enríquez's death, the Galician Centre of Buenos Aires organised a contest where one of his works was awarded a prize. As a result of these activities, he travelled to Buenos Aires in 1954 to give lectures and he did not return until 1982. In Argentina, he worked as a Professor of Galician-Portuguese Language and Literature at La Plata University and published the volume La galleguidad del Padre Feijoó. From 1956 to 1959, he taught Galician Culture at the Centre of Lugo in Buenos Aires. He was also a Professor of Medieval and Modern History at the North-east University and directed the Institute of Historical Investigations.

He was a Professor of Medieval History and Spanish History at the University of the South Bahía Blanca from 1965 to 1972.

 Work & Activities

He published many historical and literary articles and essays such as Vida y obra de Juan Antonio Saco y Arce; Fray Tomás de Lemos en el proceso teológico de Galileo; Ensayo bibliográfico de Teodosio Vesteiro Torres; etc. In 1966, he published his most important work Los gallegos en la Argentina (Galician Centre of Buenos Aires).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the National History Prize in 1936 for his work El Padre Mariana y la historiografía de su época and the National Sociology Prize for his essay Joaquín Costa o el gran dolor nacional. He was the president of the Culture Commission of the Galician Council.