Alberto Conde

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 31st March 1960
Birth Place: Caracas (Venezuela)
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When he was still young, he moved to Ourense, where he studied Music at the Conservatoire, graduating in classic guitar. He attended several seminars on jazz in Bañolas (Xirona) with famous American artists: Thad Jones, Chuck Israels, Bill Dobbins, Steve Brown, Sal Nístico, Ben Riley, Jim Mc Neely, Hal Crook and Claudio Roditi. All of them introduced him to jazz and he learnt from them the true philosophy about this music. From 1981 to 1983, he studied and gave classes in Barcelona and at San Diego School of Performing Music (California), studying with Mario Lecaros and Hal Crook respectively. In February 1983, he founded the ‘Escola Baio Ensemble’ in Vigo. In 1985, he devoted himself to piano as an autodidact, developing his future professional career with this instrument. In 1896, he taught harmony and jazz extemporization at the Conservatoire of Santiago de Compostela and was emplyed as director and arranger of ‘Los Satélites’ Orchestra in A Coruña until 1990. Throughout his career, he has participated and collaborated in many festivals and concerts in San Sebastián, Madrid, Lorient, Lisbon, Barcelona, Mallorca, San Diego, Los Angeles, Music and Dance Festival of Granada, Santiago de Compostela, (European Cultural City) and many Spanish cities. He collaborated with national and international musicians and groups such as Roy Hargrove, Hal Crook, Kenny Wheleer, Clunia jazz, Orquesta Clásica de Madrid, Emilio Cao, Tomás Camacho, Uxía Senlle, Cuchús Pimentel, etc… In 2002, he perfomed ‘Sonidos de Bitácora’ for the first time, a symphonical concert for guitar and orchestra performed by the guitarist Tomás Camacho and the new symphonical orchestre of Viana do Castelo, directed by Miguel del Castillo.

 Work & Activities

‘Paisajes’, Baio Ensemble, recorded and produced by RNE (1985).
‘Diálogos’, Baio Ensenble, recorded in Sonyarte (Vigo, 1990).
‘A Lagoa dos Atlántes’, Alberto Conde, recorded in Camelot (Guláns, 1997), Clave Records.
‘Celtrópolis’, Alberto Conde Group, recorded in Dubbin España (Madrid, 1999), Clave.
‘Entremares’, Alberto Conde Trio, recorded in Infinity (Madrid, 2004), Karonte Records

‘50 Aniversario Los Satélites ‘, recorded in Sonyarte (1990), Fonomusic.
‘XXI Festival de Donostia’, recorded in July 1986 for IZ.
‘Naciones Celtas II’, for Fonofolk (2000).
‘Mr. Cal’ by Fernando Llorca ‘Atlantic Band’, recorded in ‘Casa de Tolos’ (2001) for Clave records.
He has recorded TV programmes (‘Jazz entre amigos’, La Buena Música ‘Solo Jazz’) and got excellent reviews in RNE and different commercial radio stations as well as in national and international newspapers (El País, La Voz de Galicia, El Mundo, etc).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1986, he was awarded the second prize in the XXI Jazz Festival of San Sebastián with ‘Baio Ensemble’ (quintet) and participated in the First National Jazz Show for Young Musicians, celebrated in Mallorca. He was finalist at the First Composition Contest for contemporary jazz orchestras, celebrated in Madrid by Plató Foundation.

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