Virgilio Carricoba Gay

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 1st february 1921
Birth Place: Ferreira de Pallares, Guntín (Lugo)

He learnt his first musical notions with his father, Emilio. When he was seven, he began to play the flugelhorn at Armonía Musical Band, conducted by his father. During the Civil War he changed the flugelhorn for the tenor saxophone; he played this instrument at the Lugo Music Band for over forty years. He was also the official copyist of the group and made several transcriptions.

During the 40’s and 50’s he played in some of the most important orchestras in Lugo like Orquestra Vélez and Binario. In the 60’s he founded his own group, Orquestra Nanz.

In 1989, he composed “Ferreira de Pallares. Estampa Galega” as homage to his native village. The work was first performed by the Lugo Music Band in the Day of the Galician Letters that same year and was recorded in 1991 in a record by Unión Musical de Valladares.