Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1956
Birth Place: A Coruña
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When he was still a child, he practised drawing with Rafael Álvarez, his father’s uncle-in-law, a consummate jet worker and restorer of the Prado Museum.
In 1980, he worked at the art and publishing photocomposition department of an importing firm in Barcelona.
During a fruitful stage in Graphic Arts, he helped J. Farró, one of the Catalonian comic illustrator and pupil of Ibáñez, in the postcard illustration.
In 1988, he established himself in Sotrondio, in the Asturian mining area of the Nalon, and took lessons from Luis García Bernardo.
In 1990, in Potes (Cantabria), he experimented with acrylic painting, chips and new formats. Although he never gave up oil painting, he is more and more focussed in the acrylic for landscape art to offer the public a quick and efficient work. He focusses on art for the hotel industry of that area, painting pictures and stained glassed windows for holiday cottages.
He took interesting scenic notes, going around picturesque places such as Polaciones, Tudanca, Cabezón de Liébana, the beautiful Valle de Camaleño, Cillorigo, Pesaguero, the wonderful Vega de Liébana, Lamasón, Peñarrubia and Rionansa.
The main gallery of Fredo Arias de la Canal Foundation - Frente de Afirmación Hispanista A.C. de México (FAH) was the setting for his first individual exhibitions. The light reflected on stones, caves with bears, hollows and landscapes were the predominant themes of his successful exhibition, titled "De la obscuridad a la luz...", which was open for the public from 1 to 16 September 1990 and broadcasted by Cantabria TV.
In 1996, he faced a quiet period but full of work. The peace he breathes in Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra) is for him like his personal Arles and enjoys the company of other artists, mainly Xuan Domato Castro, a sculptor and writer that collaborated with him and took charge of several wax portraits of illustrious personalities of the village.
In the early 1998, he began to design 3D virtual landscapes in Astorga (León) and started "Espiculaismo”, a pictorial and digital style combining long lights and shadows as if they were dimensional spines in the whole of the volumetric space that would give a language to his work, but he gave up shortly after, focussing of ‘his own style’, the impressionist landscape.
Nowadays, he is the president of a Galician Artistic Society (AACA), carrying out collective and individual exhibitions.