Zoilo López Ron

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: 1st October 1921
Birth Place: Havana (Cuba)

He was born in Havana, where his father worked as captain of the Merchant Navy. He began to study at La Salle School in Havana. When he was studying the third year of Secondary Education he had to move to Spain because of his father’s retirement and his family’s transfer. He entered the Secondary School of Ribadeo (Lugo), starting in the first course as he had no subject validated. Then he moved to the Secondary School of Lugo, where he finished Secondary Education. Afterwards, he studied Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela and collaborated as an assistant student at the Gynaecology Service with Professor Novo.

 Work & Activities

Once he finished his career he prepared himself for a public competition of local obstetricians and moved to Madrid, where he worked as an assistant doctor in the Provincial Maternity with Professor Botella Llusia. He returned to Lugo as he was nominated as an assistant doctor to collaborate in the team of great dystocias under directions of Dr Dapena. After going back to Madrid and being successful in a public competition, he founded his clinic that he attended until his retirement. He also worked as a family doctor and acting forensic surgeon.
He attended the courses of the University Military Service and became second lieutenant. Once he finished his career he had to complete a six-month service and was nominated as a medical second lieutenant in the 12th Division in Vich (Barcelona).
He helped his brother establishing in Vilalba a firm related to Graphic Art and Advertising. He still runs a small part of the firm his son promoted.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Writing is his great hobby. He was awarded some little prizes and finished some novels and stories he only lets his family and friends read. He collaborates in a monthly newspaper of the Terra Chá and published “Anécdotas y Relatos”, a book in which he describes many funny events that happened to him throughout his professional life.