Xulio Villarino

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 21st July 1969
Birth Place: Fazouro - Foz (Lugo)
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He graduated in Teaching in Lugo and started Photography as an autodidact when he was sixteen. In 1993, he started his career as a photojournalist in La Voz de Galicia (A Mariña – Lugo and Vigo editions) up to 2001 that he decided to devote himself to photojournalism as a freelance. His illustrated reports are distributed by Contacto Agency in Madrid and collaborates in El País Semanal, Geo and El Semanal.

 Work & Activities

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS: 'Ritmos Sacros', COAG, A Coruña (1997), 'El Éxodo Kosovar', Expovoz Gallery, Vigo (2000), 'Crónicas Mestizas', Penzol Foundation, Vigo (2000), 'La Felicidad de la Nada', Casa de Galicia, Madrid (2000), itinerant exhibition at Caixa Galicia Galleries all around Galicia (2001) and Bierzo Museum (2002), 'Crónicas Viajeras, antología de viajes', Casa de las Artes, Vigo (2001) and 'Mundo Celta', Cloister of the City Council of Ortigueira (2002).

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: 'Galicia en Foco', Club de Prensa, Ferrol (1993–2003), 'Terras Esgazadas', ‘IX Fotobienal de Fotografía’, Vigo (2000), 'Chapapote', organized by the Aquarium Finisterrae in A Coruña (2003), 'Los nuevos Españoles', Fine Art Circle, Madrid together with Isabel Muñoz, García Alix, Miguel Trillo and Kim Manresa (2003), 'Fotoperiodismo Lucense', Caixa Galicia Foundation, Lugo (2004) and 'Marea Negra', Barcelona and Oslo (Norway), which was awarded Fuji Europress News Prize (2003).

-2000: 'Enviado Especial', he gave this lecture in the Summer Courses of the Pontyfical University of Salamanca.
-2002: He exhibited the series 'Vares', 'La Memoria del Océano' and 'Kosovo' at Zahara de la Sierra Festival (Cádiz) and projected 'Hambruna en Guatemala' at ‘Ciudad de Gijón’ Photojournalism International Festival.
-2003: ‘Marea Negra’, this documentary was exhibited at Photoespaña nights and Proyecta03 Festival in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Castellón. He also exhibited ‘La Marea Negra del Prestige’ at Visa pour L’Image Festival in Perpignan (France).
-2004: 'Mi Diario', Proyecta04 Festival, Madrid (2004).
In January 2002, he started up his web page www.xuliovillarino.com. In 2003, he published 'Diario', a new initiative functioning as a daily window to his life through his web page (www.xuliovillarino.com) that he updates every day.
He directs 'Noites de Luz', a festival organized by ‘Terra de Viveiro’ (2003-04).
He gave lectures and workshops about digital photography in Ourense and Viveiro - Lugo (2003-04).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes: 'Luis Ksado' Prize (1998) for his series about advertising in urban spaces; 'Fuji Europress Photo Awards' to the best Spanish photojournalist and honourable mention in the European stage in Greece (1999) for the exodus in Kosovo; Injuve Prize in Madrid, finalist in 1999 for ‘Anna, un viaje portugués’; ‘Liga Profesional de Fútbol’, Madrid (1999) for his work about Celta de Vigo; 'Xosé Aurelio Carracedo' Journalism Prize, Ourense (1999) for his journalistic work in that year; 'Ortega y Gasset' Prize, Madrid (2000) for his reports about Kosovo; 'Luis Valtueña' Humanitarian Photography International Prize, Madrid, consolation prize in 2000 for the exodus in Kosovo and in 2001 for the earthquakes in Turkey; Fuji Europress Prize (Travelling, 2002) for 'Hambruna en Guatemala' and Fuji Europress Prize (News, 2003) for 'Marea Negra'.