Xosé Manuel Fernández Costas

Category: Professor

He took a degree in Contemporary History and teaches Galician Language and Literature at Elviña Secondary School in A Coruña. During the 70’s he participated in A Farándula Theatre Group. He was interested in photography, ethnography and popular architecture in A Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz and Malpica.

 Work & Activities

Together with Xan Casabella López he directed the team that elaborated the delimitation of all pilgrim’s ways to Santiago from A Coruña and Ferrol and that from Santiago to Fisterra. He participated in the Second International Conference on Jacobean Studies (1996) and took part in the team that organized the exhibition “Rutas atlánticas de peregrinación a Santiago: marítima e terrestre” presented in Ferrol.
With Henrique Rabuñal he edited Códice calixtino by Luz Pozo Garza, Con pólvora e magnolias by Méndez Ferrín and Ilustrísima by Carlos Casares and A franqueza e o misterio about Rafael Dieste. He published articles in A Nosa Terra about Manuel Antonio and Manuel Murguía and participated in the conferences on the poet from Rianxo in 2000, publishing his report in the collective book “Xornadas sobre Manuel Antonio”. In 2005 he published two children’s books under the pseudonym Manuel Almofrei: Unha de Lobos e Hércules and Xerión and a year later he published Manuel Lugrís Freire: a fe na causa. He usually collaborates in special editions of A Nosa terra, La Voz de Galicia, Galicia hoxe, Diario de Pontevedra and El Progreso.
He translated Manuel Murguía by Henrique Rabuñal into Spanish and O parque micolóxico do Río Belelle by José Carlos Roca Romalde into Galician. He participated in the Symposium on Lugrís Freire, organized by the University of A Coruña and the Consellaría de Cultura e Deporte.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the vice-president of Viriato Mycological Association. He has organized various Conferences on Mycology in the Ferrol-Terra area, taking part as a rapporteur in many of the. He also participates in the Galician Federation of Mycology.
Nowadays he is on special services working as an adviser in the Department of Urban Rehabilitation and Housing in the City Council of A Coruña.