Xosé Luís Laredo Verdejo

Category: Teacher, writer and journalist
Birth Date: 1st January 1931
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He took a degree in Philosophy and Theology at Comillas University. He taught Galician Language and Literature first in Vigo and then at 'Santa María del Mar' School in A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated in the newspaper La Voz de Galicia and published a brief History of Galicia titled Os nosos devanceiros (1976). Besides, he focussed on books describing Galician geography, history and tourist routes. In addition to many tourist brochures and guides, he published the first twelve volumes of the series Galicia enteira ('Xerais' Publications) within the pocket collection Montes e Fontes , which has been edited several times since 1980. From 1996 onwards, Galicia enteira was completely renewed and brought up to date and published both in Galician and Castilian. Together with Efrén Vázquez, he wrote Guía de Galicia (do A ó Z) (1991); O camiño de Santiago por Galicia (1993); Paseando por Santiago (1993) and Paseando por Lugo (1995), . He also wrote the books Galicia paso a paso (1995) , which is a four-volume book dedicated to the four Galician provinces, Guía de Arzúa (1998), Rías Baixas y A Barbanza (1995) and two books for children: O trevo de catro follas (1991) and O rapto de Estefanía (1994), where he talks about the pleasure of reading and feelings such as friendship, solidarity, generosity, responsibility and freedom of the human being.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded a prize by the Association of Book Sellers of A Coruña in 1984.