Susana Seivane Hoyo

Pseudonym: Susana Seivane
Category: Piper
Birth Date: 25th August 1976
Birth Place: Barcelona
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She comes from the Seivane’s family, one of the most important families of pipers and artisans in Galicia. She started her musical activity when he was thirteen. Thanks to her father, Álvaro Seivane, and influenced by important pipers such as Ricardo Portela, Moxenas, or her own grandfather Xosé Manuel Seivane, she is respected in the Galician traditional music. She knows how to synthesize the ‘enxebre’ style of the old pipers but she can also create her own style of the old pipers. But she can also create her own style, influencing other types of music, and is accompanied by young musicians that give originality to her show.

 Work & Activities

In 1999, she edited her first album, ‘Susana Seivane’ (BOA MUSIC), produced by Rodrigo Romaní, one of the founders of ‘Milladoiro’. This work, based on traditional themes and compositions by Galician artists, led her to the best national and international folk stages and is already edited in Europe, USA and Canada. She herself produced her second album, ‘Alma de Buxo’ (BOA MUSIC, 2001), under the artistic advice of Rodrigo Romaní and became one of the most important folk Galician artists. Important artists such as Uxía Senlle, Kepa Junquera and Rodrigo Romaní collaborate in this album, as well as her grandfather Xosé Manuel Seivane. Her third album, ‘Mares de Tempo’ led her to the best stages in Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, USA and Argentina. Roberto Somoza (saxes), Carlos Castro (percussion), Xavier Cedrón (violin), Viascón (trumpet), Xavier Paxariños (flutes and clarinets), Guadi Galego (voice), A Coruña Ruote traditional music group, Xavier Gastañaduy (guitar) and Rodrigo Romaní (harp) also collaborated in this work.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Promoción, contract:
O Pombo, 14-C
15668 Pravio-Cambre (A Coruña)
660 403 305