Xosé Fernández Ferreiro

Birth Date: 29th january 1931
Birth Place: Santa Cruz de Rubiacós, Nogueira de Ramuín (Ourense)

Real Academia Galega

He studied Secondary Education in Ourense. He began to write articles for ABC and La Noche and founded Xente Nova Cultural Association. In 1954, he moved to Madrid to study Journalism. Together with Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Bernardino Graña, Reimundo Patiño and Ramón Lorenzo, he founded ‘Brais Pinto’ Group in Madrid, where he developed an intense cultural activity during the 50’s, publishing Bocarribeira by Otero Pedrayo; Poemas do home que quixo vivir by Bernardino Graña and A noite by himself. After taking his degree in Journalism, he worked as editor in La Voz de Galicia, Faro de Vigo, El Correo Gallego and La Noche and collaborated with Grial, Vieiros, La Vanguardia and Destino. His career as journalist was awarded Galicia Journalism Prize in 1985.

He entered the Galician Academy on 9th March 2013.

 Work & Activities

Fernández Ferreiro wrote poetry (Ribeirana do Sil, 1952 and A Noite, 19599, essay and historic chronicle but he mainly wrote fiction.

His career as a novelist started in 1975 with the first western written in Galician language: A morte de Frank González. Then, he wrote Morrer en Castrelo de Miño (1978) about the fight of peasants in this small village against the dam built in their land; A saga dun afiador (1980), about all the knife-grinders who left Ourense to go round the world; A ceo aberto (1981); Reportaxe cósmico (1982); A fraga dos paxaros salvaxes, finalist of Xerais Prize in 1985; O minotauro (1989); Agosto do 36, about the Civil War (Xerais Prize in 1991); A cidade das chuvias (1994), Co medo nas mans (1996), O último paraíso (2001), Millo verde (2002), Os últimos fuxidos (2004) and Tempo de centeo (2009)


Text taken from the web of the Galician Academy: www.realacademiagalega.org