Xosé Armas Castro

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 26th October 1954
Birth Place: Bama - Touro (A Coruña)
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He took a degree in Geography and History at Santiago de Compostela University (1976) and collaborated with a research scholarship in the Department of Medieval History at Santiago University. In 1990, he took his doctor's degree in History at the same University. Nowadays, he teaches Geography and History at 'Pontepedriña' Secondary School in Santiago. Since 1988, he has been coordinating the area of Didactics on Social Sciences at the Institute of Education Sciences in Santiago. His research activity was based on the study of Galician History in the Middle Ages, especially those themes about Urban History. He also devotes himself to Didactics on History and Social Sciences as well as formation for teachers.

 Work & Activities

WORKS: -Textos e materiais para a Historia de Galicia (1990). -Pontevedra en los siglos XII a XV (1992). -Poder y sociedad en la Galicia medieval (1992). -Ensinar e aprender Historia na Educación Secundaria (1994). -A innovación educativa en Galicia na Educación Secundaria (1998). -Ciencias Sociais, Xeografía e Historia (1996-2000).