Xoan Vicente Viqueira Cortón

Category: Philosopher and writer
Birth Date: 29th October 1886 (†29th August 1924)
Birth Place: Madrid

He came with his family to A Coruña and studied Secondary Education in Betanzos. In 1911 he took a degree in Philosophy and Arts at the University of Madrid. Afterwards, he moved to Germany to complete his studies on Psychology. In 1917 he married Jacinta Landa Vaz Coronado. He collaborated with ‘Irmandades da Fala’.


 Work & Activities

In 1930 his friends published his work ‘Ensayos y poesías’, which collects unpublished writings and articles published in magazines and newspapers. As a poet, he always wrote in Galician except for some verses titled ‘Badajoz’ in which he sang to his wife’s land. He was a great defender of Galicia and defended the necessity to incorporate Galician language because he considered it as the identification signal.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He was dedicated the Day of the Galician Letters in 1974.