Xesús Canabal

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: In March 1897 (†29th August 1985)
Birth Place: O Pino - Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

He arrived in Argentina with his parents and brothers in 1910. When he was still very young, he began to work in a stationery firm called 'Casa Iturrat'. In 1914, he participated in the foundation of the association 'Agrupación Artista Galega de Bos Aires'. In 1918, he was elected manager of the firm 'Iturrat' and was sent to Uruguay. After closing the branch in Montevideo owing to the crisis of the paper industry after the First World War, Xesús Canabal founded with his brothers Xosé and Andrés the company 'Jesús Canabal y Hnos, Fábrica de Sobres'. In 1925, he had several premises and forty employees. In 1937, he founded the firm 'Indutria Papelera Uruguaya Sociedad Anónima' (IPUSA). He participated in most Galician institutions in Uruguay. After Franco's revolt in 1936, he organised important solidary campaigns in Uruguay. In 1940, the association ‘Irmandades Galegas’ was founded in Buenos Aires and shortly after in Montevideo. In 1950, he participated in the foundation of the radio programme 'Sempre en Galiza' on the radio station 'Radio Carve' in Montevideo. He also directed the 'Casa de Galicia' of the Spanish Association of Mutual Help. In 1956, he was elected president of the first Conference of Galician Emigration that took place in Buenos Aires. On 25th July 1956, he founded 'Banco de Galicia', one of the most important bank firms in Uruguay. From May 1956 to February 1962, he filled the office of Minister of the Republic into exile.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Until the end of his life, he took an active part in the ‘Padroado da Cultura Galega’. This institution paid him a homage in the first anniversary of his death.