Xela Arias Castaño

Category: Poetess and translator
Birth Date: 4th March 1962 (†2nd November 2003)
Birth Place: Lugo

Día das Letras Galegas

After taking a degree in Spanish Philology, Xela Arias spent most of her life in Vigo, where she was well-known in the publishing world and for her poetry for women. She worked as a linguistic advisor at ‘Xerais’ publishing house since it was founded in 1980 until 1990.

 Work & Activities

She made herself known in 1986 with Denuncia do equilibrio, being finalist of ‘Losada Diéguez’ Prize. She was also finalist of ‘Esquío’ Prize with Lili sen pistolas, a book that remained unpublished. Shortly after, she published Tigres coma cabalos (1990), Darío a diario (1996) and Intempériome (2003). She also participated in collective books such as Palabra de muller(1992), Daquelas que cantan (‘Rosalía de Castro’ Foundation, 2000) and Rosalía na palabra de once poetas galegas (1997).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She translated many works into Galician and was awarded ‘Ramón Cabanillas’ Translation Prize. She collaborated in several publications and poetry reading.