Virxilio Blanco Garrido

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 24th November 1896 (†25th June 1948)
Birth Place: San Miguel de Presqueiras - Forcarei (Pontevedra)

When he was sixteen, he emigrated to Cuba, where he worked in a pub and a clothing store. He also attended a Painting and Art School in the Galician Centre of Havana. In 1922, he carried out his first exhibition in that institution, presenting twenty-two works, some of which were already bought by the institution itself. In 1924, he got a scholarship to study in the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Then, he carried out a new exhibition in Havana. In 1924, he enjoyed a new scholarship to study in Paris, where he met the most important masters, both Spanish and French, suich as Miró, Picasso and Mattisse. He lived there until 1931 that he returned to Galicia to carry out an exhibition in Vigo.

 Work & Activities

Together with Xosé Caldera Manzano, he founded the literary magazine 'Alborear', where he also worked as an artistic editor.