María Jesús Sainz García


She has been a Professor of Spanish Language and Literature and Education inspector.

 Work & Activities

She was a Senator of the PP and president of the Especial Commission of the Senate for the study on new ways of social exclusion as a result of the strong unemployment increase. She has developed an extensive autonomic, local and state political activity.

She was director general in the Xunta de Galicia during the presidency of Gerardo Fernández Albor and the vice presidency of Mariano Rajoy.

Regarding local politics, she was representative of the PP in Santiago de Compostela from 1991 to 1999 with many initiatives supporting the city. She has also been the president of the local committee of the PP in Santiago de Compostela.

She has also developed a very active political labour in the Congress and Senate, representing A Coruña in the Congress (7th and 8th sessions) and the Senate (3rd and 9th sessions). She has been first secretary of the Congress during the 8th session. She has attended the world conferences on Women in Peking (1995) and New York (2005).


 Other Interesting Aspects

She mainly focused her activity on education, woman equality, state infrastructures in Galicia, pensions and support to the weakest.

Political principles: democracy and freedom, education, dialogue with citizens, respect cooperation, and work to solve problems.

She has presented many parliamentary initiatives, most of them approved by majority or unanimously.

Further information in her political blog: