Armando Durán Miranda

Category: Scientist and Professor
Birth Date: 10 de julio de 1913 (†14 de enero de 2001)
Birth Place: Lugo

His father was a famous politician from Lugo and he moved to Madrid in the postwar period. When he retired, he filled the Optics professorship at 'Complutense' University in Madrid from 1945 to 1983. Together with José María Otero Navascués, he founded the Board of Nuclear Energy. He was the vice-president of the board and directed the Institute of Nuclear Studies.

 Work & Activities

He published many studies such as Estructuras y técnicas de la novela caballeresca y sentimental.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (he entered the Academy on 12th March 1975 reading his speech titled De la biología a la física). In 1962, he was elected president of the Spanish Society of Physics and Chemistry and filled the office until 1966. Besides, he was the vice-president of the European Conference of Molecular Biology. He was awarded several prizes and decorations such as the gold medal of 'Complutense' University (Madrid) and the Cross to the Civil Merit and the Cross of Alfonso X, the Wise.