Victor Manuel Basadre Orozco

Category: Football trainer and teacher
Birth Date: 16th February 1970
Birth Place: Lugo
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He studied Secondary Education at 'Lucus Augusti' and 'Virxe dos Ollos Grandes' Secondary School (Lugo) and Teaching, specialising in Infantile Education.

 Work & Activities

He started playing at 'S. G. Commercial-Estudiantes' F.C. (Lugo) until he was eighteen. It was then that he gave up football because of an injury and attended courses to become a football trainer. He has trained several teams, both in Galicia and the rest of Spain such as 'S.D. Castroverde', 'C.D. Quiroga', 'C.P. Mérida', 'U.D. Xove-Lago', 'S.D. Mindoniense', 'Real Murcia', C.D. Endesa-ace Pontes´' and 'C.D. Lugo'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

At that time, he was one of the youngest trainers in Spain who got the card (he was 22). Since he was 24, he has collaborated with the Galician School of Trainers teaching Technique and Tactics.