Vicente Rodríguez Abeijón

Category: Writer and musician
Birth Date: 16th January 1935
Birth Place: Padrón (A Coruña)

When he was still young he moved to Vilagarcía de Arousa with his family, where he studied Primary Education and started to study music at the School of Music. After having studied as boarder for several years at two jesuit schools (Camposancos in A Garda and Carrión de los Condes in Palencia), he was admitted to the Seminary of Tui, where he studied Scholastic Philosophy and Theology. He practised priesthood for over twelve years in Vigo and improved his studies in French, English and Music. He also finished solfa at the Conservatoire in Vigo and started singing, harmony and classic guitar. In the early 70's he moved to the British Isles, where he worked at a school in Yorkshire. He also got the certificates of English language 'Proficiency Cambridge', 'Royal Society of Arts (Stage III)' and 'Language School' (Madrid). When he came back to Spain, he devoted himself to teach languages and develop choral activities. He attended courses of choral conductorship, vocal technique and rendition. In October 1979 he founded the board of management that would be the starting point of the Galician Choral Federation (FECOGA), which was legalized on 28th April 1983. This federation organized choral festivals and singing courses, promoted contests for Galician choral composition and founded the magazine 'Galicia Cantat', which he edits and coordinates. Together with J. Alves Barbosa he published the Galician choral songbook Cancioneiro Coral Galego (Ir Indo, 1995).

 Work & Activities

He wrote Cantos para compartir and some unpublished short narrations such as Cantar, rir, chorar, Tres en raia, O tren do Canaval and the long novel written in Castilian language Vivir, soñar acaso.