Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez

Category: Teacher and politician
Birth Date: 27th May 1944
Birth Place: A Peroxa (Ourense)

He is a teacher and a chartered accountant. He filled the following offices: general secretary of the association 'Benposta-Nación de los Muchachos', provincial representative of teachers in the elections of the Ministry of Education in 1976 and member of the general assembly of MUFACE (elections of 1977). As far as his political activity is concerned, he was a deputy representing Ourense (1979-1993), general secretary of the Galician Socialist Party (1982-1985), president of the Galician Socialist Party (1985-1988), member of the federal committee of the 'PSOE' (1982-1994), president of 'Celso Emilio Ferreiro' Foundation (since 1985), senator representing Ourense in 1996 and member of the council of Galician Radio and TV (since 2002).