Vicente González Montoto

Pseudonym: Vicente Montoto
Category: Theatre actor and writer
Birth Date: 13th April 1943
Birth Place: Untes (Ourense)

He emigrated to Buenos Aires and Switzerland. He participated in the creation of the Galician Communist Party and took an active part in the movements in favour of Agriculture (through the association 'Sociedades Agrarias') and sexual liberation (through the association 'Coordinadora Gay de Galicia'). He was the president of the association of actors and general secretary of the Galician entertainment syndicate. He has worked as an actor (theatre, cinema and television), scriptwriter, translator and theatre director. He first performed as a professional actor in Buenos Aires when he was seventeen at the company of Delia Garcés and Enrique Faba.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: Fedra Gómez (first performed in 1989), Pa (first performed in 1996), Zocos (with Manuel Lourenzo, first performed in 1998), Un home que se parecía a Macbeth (first performed in 1999); Ourense empalme (first performed in 1999 and published in 'R.G.T.') and several theatre plays for children, adaptations and translations.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has taken part as an actor in several productions of the Galician Dramatic Centre and other companies. In 1987, he created 'Uvegá Teatro'.