Venancio Manuel Rocha López

Category: President of AGACA (Galician Association of Agrarian Cooperatives)
Birth Date: 29 de July de 1933
Birth Place: Trabada (Lugo)

He loves reading, mainly biographies. He attended several courses on farming training during the 50’s with Professor Juan Rof Codina in Lugo. He was a member of the Agricultural Chamber of Lugo in the first democratic elections, being the most voted candidate. He was the president of several associations and member of the board of directors of ‘Os Irmandiños’ Cooperative since it was founded up to 1993 and vice-president of CECOOP. He also promoted AGACA (Galician Association of Agrarian Cooperatives), being the president since 21st July 1989. He was reelected in 2001 for a four-year period. He was also on the governing body of CCAE (Confederation of Spanish Agrarian Cooperatives) since it was founded in 1989.
Besides, he is vice-president of the COGACO (Galician Council of Cooperatives) since it was founded in 2002. He has also been on the governing body of Caixa Rural Galega since 1998.