Manuel Bonome Abeledo

Pseudonym: M. Bonome
Category: Sculptor and painter
Birth Date: 14th May 1926
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)


He started his activity at his father’s workshop when he was twelve. There, he made many works that he exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions all over Spain. In 1955, he enjoyed a scholarship of the Ministry of Education and the County Council of A Coruña to study in Paris at the Louvre School, the most important one. In Paris, he took an active part in vanguardist painting and sculpture movements with famous artists. As he returned to his native city, he joined the Anatomy Chair in the Faculty of Medicine as an anatomic sculptor. Then, he was also a Professor at the Technical School of Santiago de Compostela and the Anatomical School of Special Education. In 1984, he moved again to Paris to exhibit his works in the Contemporary Art International Centre.

 Work & Activities

M. Bonome participated in the following exhibitions and contests: ‘Arte Galega Contemporánea’ (1954), ‘Centro Cultural Internacional’, Paris (1955), ‘Xoves artistas españois en París’, Maison Internationale (1955), art exhibition at ‘El Trocadero’ Modern Art Palace, Paris (1955), exhibitions organised by the County Council of A Coruña (1962), Mandragore Internationale, Galerie D’art París (1984), Centre International Wart Contemporains, Salons Des Nations, Paris (1984), Metropolis, International Galerie D’Art, Geneva (1984), Salon British Art Fair in the City, Bishopgate Foundation, London (1985), Granada National Exhibition (1967), Biennial of Pontevedra (1979 and 1980), Biennial of Portugal (1980), National Sculpture Contest, Madrid (1986), exhibition in Madrid (1988), gallery of the National Recreational Art Museum (1988), exhibition in Barcelona (1989), exhibition sponsored by the City Council of Santiago and the University of Santiago de Compostela (1987).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1991, the University of Santiago de Compostela paid him a homage for his retirement.