Teodosio Vesteiro Torres

Category: Writer and musician
Birth Date: 12th June 1847 (†† 12th June 1876)
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He started his ecclesiastical career in the Seminary of Tui (Pontevedra) in 1860, where he was a Professor of Humanities and worked as a librarian. Besides, he was the vice-president of the 'Catholic Youth' in Tui, editor of the newspaper of the same name and conductor of the orchestra of the cathedral. In 1870, he gave up his ecclesiastical studies and one year later, he moved to Madrid, where he taught Music. In 1875, he founded the association 'Madrid Galicia Literaria', being the president. This association was dissolved in 1876.

 Work & Activities

His first journalistic and poetic works were collected in the publications 'La Juventud Católica de Tuy', El Heraldo Gallego (Ourense) and 'Revista Galaica' (Ferrol). In 1871, he published Flores para la soledad, six melodies for singing and piano. Some years later he published Versos; Rimas de D. Rodrigo de Moscoso y Osorio, vizconde Altamira. Siglos XV a XVI; Galería de Gallegos Ilustres (five volumes: Poetas de la Edad Media, Guerreros, Marinos, Príncipes y Diplomáticos and Artistas). After his death, a sixth volume titled Galería de Gallegos Ilustres. Apéndice was published.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1876, on the day of his 29th birthday, he committed suicide in one of the galleries of Prado Museum. He had destroyed the works of his youth (two treaties on Philosophy and Theology, two dramas, the letters and music of a 'zarzuela', two poems, two legends and many poetic and musical compositions).