Teodomiro Cardalda Gestoso

Pseudonym: Teo Cardalda
Category: Singer, musician and composer
Birth Date: 7th October 1962
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

Although he was born in Vigo, he spent part of his childhood in Vilaxoán de Arousa. He was a member of ‘Golpes Bajos’ with Germán Coppini during the 80’s. In 1983, he created ‘Cómplices’ with María Monsonís, his wife. He has collaborated with artists and composers of rock and pop music such as José María Cano, Antonio Vega, Jaime de Urrutia, David Summers and ‘Los Secretos’.

 Work & Activities

He created the sound track for ‘Nada es para siempre’ (TV series) and recorded ‘Uno’ (1997). With ‘Cómplices’ he recorded ‘Manzanas’ (1983), ‘Ángeles Desangelados’ (1989), ‘La Danza de la Ciudad’ (1990), ‘Está llorando el sol’ (1991), ‘Preguntas y Flores’ (1993), ‘Cousas de Meigas’ (1999) and ‘Cómplices’ (2000). Nowadays, he composes sound tracks for films and is preparing a new record.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He loves nature and ecology and lives both in Madrid and Ribadeo.