Teo Manuel Abad

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He took part in the first Galician cinema Turing the 70’s and was a member of “Imaxe” and “A Carón”. In the 80’s he participated in the foundation of the first Galician audiovisual production company, Espello Video Cine, S.A., and then created Triax S.A., Zenit S.A. and Formateo S.L.

He entered Galician TV when it was founded and was the head of programme production.

He belonged to the Galician generation of video artists of the 80’s and was selected by “Reina Sofia” Art Museum for his “Visionarios Españoles” (with “365”) at the 'Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento' in the 90’s. Then, he participated in the International Cinema Festival of San Sebastian with “Denantes”, in Menéndez Pelayo International University and the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art with “O neno con pernas de pomba”. He has a standing work (“Prólogo”) at the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art.

He was on the 'Comisión de Imaxe de Nova Escola Galega', the 'Oficina Permanente de Pedagogía de la Imagen' (Gijón), the official commission that founded the Image and Sound School of A Coruña and the board of directors that founded the first Galician Audiovisual Academy. Since 1993 he has been collaborating with “Comunicasom” (Lisbon) for S.I.C.


 Work & Activities


Documentaries: “Flores Tristes”, “Sexo, entre o ceo e a terra”, “Amalia, última noticia” and "Lendas do mar”.
Fiction series: “Pequeno Hotel".
Musical programmes: “Luar”, “Mar a mar” and “Son de estrelas”.
Magazines: “Encontros” and “Corazonada”.
Humour: “O mellor” and “Con perdón”.
Experimental programmes: “A mellor televisión do mundo” and “TV pirata”.
Docudrama: “A vida Aberta”.
Campaigns: “Galicia Terra Única” and “Xacobeos”.
Concerts: “Elton John”, “Santana” and “Lito Vitale”.
Special events: “A Fala” and “Luar da Solidariedade”.
Portugal: “Minas e Armadhillas”, “S.I.C. 10 horas”, “Fátima Lópes”, “As dúas por tres” and “Boca a Boca”.

Cinema and video: “Contar”, “Denantes”, “365”, “Prólogo”, “Intervalo”, “Hardo”, “O neno con pernas de pomba” and “La fosa atlántica”.


 Other Interesting Aspects

-As a photographer, he exhibited his Works in ‘Anue’, ‘Os Arcados’ and ‘Mestre Mateo’ Galleries.

-Graphic correspondent in the first magazine in Galician language (“Teima”).

-He was selected in the first Spanish Photographic Annual (“Quinta Generación”) of “Nueva Lente”.

-Books: “Televisión e Sociedade”. Ed. Lea.