Santy Gutiérrez

Category: Cartoonist, graphic humourist and illustrator
Birth Date: 6th November 1971
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)


Santy is one of the most prolific Galician authors. He started to draw in the early 90’s. After his beginning in El Correo Gallego and La Voz de Galicia (Vigo), he settled in Atlántico Diario, El Progreso (Lugo), La Opinión (A Coruña), and La Región, in which he publishes several cartoons a day as well as caricatures and other weekly sections. Besides, he does one of his best works for the newspapers El Progreso, as he himself says, giving life to the stories of ‘Pelúdez’, a hundred-year-old famous character, which was created by the founder of this newspaper. He usually collaborates with comic magazines such as ‘Mister K’, ‘BD BANDA’, ‘BARSOWIA’, ‘H2OIL’, ‘Raigame’, ‘Motorgalicia’, ‘Bricolage y Jardinería’, ‘Metrópolis’, ‘TodoBasket’, ‘Hobbypress’, ’Revista del Real Club Deportivo (RCD)’, among others. He has also collaborated with his illustrations in several textbooks and stories for young people for several Galician publishing houses such as ‘Xerais’ (Anaya Group) and ‘Rodeira’ (Edebé Group). He also did works for advertising firms.

 Work & Activities

He makes graphic humour, illustrations and caricatures in the following newspapers: El Progreso (Lugo), La Opinión (A Coruña), Atlántico Diario and La Región. He also draws weekly comic pages in the following magazines: ‘Revista Mister K’ (El Jueves) and ‘Drôles D’histoires’ no 7 (Vents d’ouest) ‘H2OIL’ and ‘BD Banda’. Besides, he made illustrations in books for children and youth (Tanis I o Mocos (Xerais), Resalgario (Xerais) and Estanislao Principe de Sofrovia (Xerais) and educative and textbooks: Contos e Lendas Celtas (Xerais), Lingua e Literatura 1º, 2º, 3º y 4º Eso (Xerais), Restra de letras (Xerais), Lingua 2º primaria (Rodeira) and Lingua 1º, 3º y 4º ESO (Rodeira).
He has participated in several caricature and graphic humour contests, being awarded a 6.000 € first prize and two accesits in the Joven & Brillante Graphic Humour National Contest and the first prize of the Caricature Biennial of Ourense (1998). His work has been exhibited at the Humour Museum in Fene (A Coruña), the Comic Gallery of A Coruña and several exhibitions organized by the General Foundation of Alcalá de Henares University. In 2003, he started a collective project with other sketchers (Javi Montes, Marcos Calo and Fernando Llorente), creating a studio for the production of good-quality caricatures, graphic humour, comics, advertising works, character design and storyboards. All of them have into the French market thanks to some authors such as Jackes Goupil and Sylvia Douillet.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is also on the board of directors of the Galician Association of Illustration Professionals ( ). This association tries to improve the illustration sector, giving information to professionals and dignifying this profession. His work can be seen in his web page and the Internet web sites ‘Tebeosfera’, ‘Cultura Galega’, ‘Portal el can’ and AGPI.