Mario Eijo Barro

Category: Expert on Culture and writer
Birth Date: 16th December 1960
Birth Place: Vilar, Lago, Xove (Lugo)
Telephone: 982592830
Fax: 982592154
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He studied Secondary Education at the Seminary in Mondoñedo and Lugo. He took a degree in Geography and History, specialising in Old and Medieval Art in 1984 at Santiago de Compostela University. In 1988, he presented his minor thesis O cineclubismo en Santiago de Compostela (1961-1979). Since 1988, he has been working in the City Council of Xove (Lugo) as expert on cultural activities.

 Work & Activities

He published the book Cineclubismo e cine non comercial en Santiago nos anos 60 e 70 (1988, Santiago University), the article 'O cineclubismo en Santiago (1961-1979). Unha vision xeral' in Coordinadas no. 4 and wrote the script of the video film Xove. Un paraíso natural (City Council of Xove).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the secretary of 'Romaría Internacional' Foundation during the 90's and president of the association 'Agrupación de Axuda Cidadá da Mariña Lucense-Protección Civil da Mariña' (1995-2000).