San Rosendo

Category: Bishop
Birth Date: 26th September 907 (†March 977)

He was a member of a Galician very well-off family that was related to the kings of Leon. He spent his adolescence in Mondoñedo with his uncle Bishop Sabarico II, where he was educated. He was a prior at Portomarín Monastery. When his uncle died in 925, he was elected to replace him and started a campaign to recover the faithful and possessions. During his term of office, several churches and monasteries were restored. He founded a monastery in Vilar (San Salvador de Celanova) according to Christ's wishes through a revelation in the year 934. In 946, he filled the office of abbot and refused the bishopric of Mondoñedo in the year 955 to enter Vilar Convent. Almost at the same time, Ordoño III nominated him as virrey of Galicia. In the year 968, he was nominated as Bishop of Iria. He attended the León Council (974) and then left the see and retired to Celanova (Ourense).