Fray José Isorna Ferreirós

Birth Date: En 1921 ( † 26th april 2016)
Birth Place: Cordeiro, Valga (Pontevedra)

He lived in Santiago de Compostela. When he was thirteen he entered Herbón Convent, where he carried out his first studies, then he went on with his education at St Francisco Convent in Santiago de Compostela. He also worked as a priest at San Francisco el Grande Convent in Madrid, in Ourense and Pontevedra. He travelled to Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, USA, Holy Land, Morocco and Mexico, where he visited the rests of Sebastián de Aparicio which are kept at San Francisco de Puebla de los Ángeles Convent.

He has been a Franciscan priest for over sixty years. He has been a teacher of Humanities Herbón Seminary (Padrón), teacher of Holy Eloquence at the Franciscan Theologate in Santiago, editor of “El Eco Franciscano” and usual collaborator of press, radio and TV. He is a member of the Galician Academy and he was diocesan delegate of social means.

He has written a lot of books related to Galician and spirituality: Velando a un enfermo, Así fue esta mujer: Clara de Asís, Itinerario del alma a Santiago: guía del peregrino, Desde mi convento flotante, Glosas Evangélicas, published in El Correo Gallego....

Together with Professor Gumersindo Meiriño, he published De empresario a Santo about the life of San Sebastián de Aparicio.

He published “Galicia: ¡Podes!, Galicia: ¡Poderás!” in Galician language and worked on RTVE for over twenty years.

He also gave lectures about Martínez Risco, Otero Pedrayo, Camilo José Cela, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and Ferro Couselo, among others.

He has got a lot of trophies and distinctions that marked out his prolific journalistic, cultural and spiritual life (Bravo Prize, Diego Bernal Prize...).